18 Mar 2012 Calendar to the right.

While working on the "events calendar" you can see to the right, I've stumbled upon many different js calendars spread across the net.

Most of them where just a slight variations on a standard jQuery Datepicker (just like mine is, in the end), but I've also found a few little masterpieces which are, I think, worth mentioning.

First goes the Simple Events Calendar JS by codecanyon. It's almost what I have here (conceptually, of course), but it's very configurable (it defines all needed events etc.) and beautifully looking. It has sorting, highlighting, everything you might ever need. It's not free, though, but deffinitely worth those few pounds.

The Second one is jQuery.calendarPicker by bugsVoice (Roberto Bicchierai, to be specific) which is not actually an events calendar, but it features a bit different aproach at date picking. It reminds me of some kind of cipher machine: You first "rotate" the highest part to select correct year, then the second one to set a month and finally the lowest to select day number. I really like how this looks and behaves here.

And the last one is from codecanyon again (those guys are crazy... ;)). It is a Timeline calendar and it does what the name says: presents calendar as a timeline, where you can hover highlighted items to see your pending events. I don't know where I would use it, but I do like it anyway.